Welcome to M&S Design and Renovations in Connecticut

design and renovations in ConnecticutOur mission is to provide superior craftsmanship, expert construction management, value added budgeting consultation, property management and unparalleled commitment to service so that we meet and satisfy the individual needs of every client and project. Recognizing that each client has a different and unique financial situation; therefore it is crucial that our approach to their project is reflective of their financial goals as well as their design objectives. Establishing collaboration and teamwork with all professionals involved with the project, including but not limited to architects, designers, owners’ representatives, subcontractors, vendors, and our own project personnel; including project management, carpenters and laborers.

design and renovations in ConnecticutUnderstanding that a client is best served by our participation in a thorough pre-construction analysis of a project, during which time budgeting, value engineering, scheduling and design evaluation can take place. Taking responsibility. M&S Design and Renovations in Connecticut protects clients financially and in terms of quality assurance and project safety. Our projects are clean, organized and safe. Materials are protected from weather, theft and damage.